Walt Stricklin

Artist Statement 


Our environment shapes us as much as we shape our surroundings and I want my images to celebrate how it all fits together, honoring the harmony of a place, while respecting its unique qualities. 


The varied geography of the world and how people fit into it, put me in awe of mankind. My landscapes are my attempt to capture the wonderment of a location and instill a sense of the narrative of those places and the people who inhabit them.


My works are composite images constructed from individual photographs. They are photographic sculptures that are a blend of reality and my perception of a given situation. They are not meant to be perfect; the many individual imperfections between frames, are left to draw the viewer in, for the enjoyment of discovery, and to celebrate my humanity.


I want my Scapes to have a lyrical quality that allows the viewer to see the rhythms of our visual world. They go beyond the predetermined proportions of any camera frame and the homogenized application of a computer generated panorama, allowing the compositions to go wherever they lead with movement both inside and outside the frame.